What’s New in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team: New FUT Feature

FIFA 15 is all set to be launched on this 23rd September with all new cover pages of UK and various other places. Here we will be giving the new features of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team which has been officially announced by EA Sports.

Squads Concept & Sharing:

FIFA 15 Concept Squad

  • Buy Squad players in free.
  • players already known are displayed in different cards.
  • Search players in the transfer market with just one click
  • Online copy of squads into concept squad
  • EASFC to share squads.

Concept squad has been introduced in FIFA 15 which will allow the players to build there own squad by navigating through whole database of players of EA and by just one click you can drop or accept the player and importantly you can also switch to transfer market to find the best suitable player in your squad.

Sharing of Squad is also a significant feature. It will allow the players to share their quad with there friends or even to itself. This feature is though a small one but it will prove its value during the game play. EASFC  will be accessible in the FUT and anywhere in the game. All players will be able to share there squad and can also see, like & comment on others shared squads. Even now players will be able to copy their friends squad so that they can build the same squad for themselves also.

New Attribute:

FIFA 15 New Attribute

  • Sixth base attribute: PHY
  • Helps in building FUT Team
  • Measures strength, Stamina and jumping abilities.

This time FIFA 15 comes with a new base attribute named “PHY”. PHY stands for “Physical”. PHY is the sixth attribute added to Defense, Dribble etc. Physical attribute will measure strength of the player such as jumping and stamina.

PHY will have more impact during the match as by seeing the players physical strength you can build a your own dream team in the FUT as well as during other game mode.

Loan Players:

FIFA 15 Loan Player

Loan Players was a mess in FUT as heavy price was to be paid for each player, but now EA has done something good as in FIFA 15 loan players will be easily available not on the basis of your coins or using heavy price but by simply using your EASFC Currency. This Currency is attained by each fan as they keep on playing for long hours.

Once currency is used you can’t reuse it and importantly loan players have fixed amount of chances to be played in team. A blue mark will display how many chances are left to be played by the player.

So, now use your EASFC currency and buy some brand new players and win some grand Season Titles.

Friendly Seasons:

FIFA 15 Friendly Sasons

Though Friendly season is not a very new concept but still FIFA claims that it has been improved. Here is the quote for you which EA claims for friendly seasons in FIFA 15.

“The new Friendly Seasons mode lets you challenge your friends in a 1 v 1 version of the fan favourite Seasons format and track your stats. Win seasons to earn the current title holder position and the bragging rights that come with it!” By EA Sports.”

More Legends On Xbox:

FIFA 15 New Legends

As you already know that more legends have been added to FIFA 15 along with previous 41 legend players, You must get yourself ready to play with Roberto Carlos, Peter Schmeichel, Alan Shearer, and Bobby Moore. This will help you to build your dreamed squad.

Know more About FIFA 15 Legends.

As always, friends stay connected for more updates on FIFA 15 and till then enjoy..!!!!

Update On 18 September 2014:

Now enjoy all these feature of FUT in action in the official video.

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