Tournament Mode And Guest Play Confirmed For FIFA 15

EA has officially Confirmed the Tournament mode and Guest play in FIFA 15 by tweeting on its Official page. In FIFA 14, these two modes were absent and EA officially gave the reason for its absence, to all the fans of FIFA.

Tournament Mode & Guest Play Confirmend

The Tournament mode in FIFA 15 will allows you to create tournaments to play with your friends or the computer. All of the teams, excluding the one you picked, will be filled by the computer. The tournaments are based off of real tournaments and cups. The tournament types are as follows: League, Knockout and Group & Knockout.

Tournament Mode & Guest Play Confirmed

The Guest play in FIFA 15 allow you to include other players without giving any rank or tirelessly waiting what has gone wrong while setting a connection with your friends.

These are not new features but just addition of previous ones. So, lets hope some new feature will be present in FIFA 15.

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