FIFA 15 Release Date

Update On 10 June 2014:

FIFA 15 release date set for 23 Sepetmber 2014

FIFA 15 Release Date

Friends as you already know that FIFA is also known as FIFA soccer along with their version in Latin America for example FIFA 15 is known as FIFA soccer 15, This FIFA soccer 15 is announced to be available for Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows (PC), PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, Wii, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Playstation 4.

Release date for FIFA 15 is now officially announced, releasing 23 September 2014 in North America and 25 September 2014 in Europe. The release date for more country will be updated later as soon as available.

 Country Release Date  Buy Now
 US 23 September 2014 Buy FIFA 15
 UK 26 September 2014 Buy FIFA 15
 Europe 25 September 2014 NA
 India End of September 2014 (Expected) Buy FIFA 15
 Australia 25 September 2014 Buy FIFA 15
 Canada 26 September 2014 Buy FIFA 15
 France 25 September 2014 NA
 New Zealand 26 September 2014 NA
Deutschland 25 September 2014 NA
Espana 26 September 2014 NA
Brazil 25 September 2014 NA

PS: For most other countries also the date lies somewhere around End of September 2014.

Last year, FIFA 14 was released on September 24 in North America, September 26 in Australia and September 27 in Europe. The game was sold in Brazilian stores only at October 3rd.

Friends these are the official dates for you as now release date for different countries are listed on EA website. We will update release date for more countries. So stay connected with or you can also subscribe us for more updates.

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12 thoughts on “FIFA 15 Release Date

  1. As soon as possible please release in India

  2. Please remove mess I from cover cauze he doesn’t deserve there the man deserving there is CR7.people like winner not losser and CR7is the winner

  3. i tink u should rlese fifa 15 early n india……And give CR7 on cover bcoz this tinm he has won many awards dan messi,…….

  4. Those nationall squads are also stronger than half from the game

  5. I am from Serbia and i think u should include Serbian and Croatian league because they are more quality than some leagues in the game, but if u cant make leagues for each country u could make common league for the former yugoslav states.3 teams from ex yugoslavia are this year in europa league and 1 in UCL so i think this would be very respectabe league.Also i think u should include these nationall squads in game…Serbia Matic, Ivanovic, Vidic…Croatia Modric,Rakitic,Mandzukic…Bosnia Pjanic,Dzeko….Montenegro Jovetic,Vucinic.Thank you.

  6. When is it for iPad?

  7. Please include Nigeria on this September, we love soccer so much
    And also include our national team “THE SUPER EAGLES”. WE ARE THE GIANT OF AFRICA, so,we don’t have to be left out.


  8. In South Africa we might not have the best national soccer squard but we love soccer so please include the South African teams and its league (PSL league) ,and one more thing if you cann’t do that then please update the south african national soccer’s jersey donn’t just leave it blank ,it looks so ugly

  9. When is it in Indonesia and please do another cover not just Messi

  10. Why no Wii U release. If you can rehash fifa 2012 for Wii you can at least come up with something for Wii U without complaining about a smaller player base

    • I think it will be released on wii u, before my wii u broke i had fifa 13, I don’t know why they wouldn’t continue to release the fifa games on the wii u

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