FIFA15 Is Officialy Confirmed by EA Sports

Urhhhh….for all the FIFA fans, as FIFA 15 is officially confirmed by the EA COO Peter Moore. As per him FIFA 15 is going to be a similar to FIFA 13 but with the drastic changes in the graphics and liveliness. Some up gradations can be seen in FIFA 14, but we are expecting a major change in FIFA 15.

FIFA 15 Official Photo From Facebook Page

EA Sports has been known for their annual sports titles that many feel do not change much from year to year except for the rosters in each game. With FIFA 14 for the Vita and next year’s FIFA 15 both being reskins of FIFA 13. Moore spokes why they opt for FIFA 13 reskin.

“Why mess with perfection?” asked Moore, “We already know that we have the perfect product since FIFA is the best selling soccer game on the market. We outright admit it’s a completely copy of the last game because everyone wants to play the same game again since it was just that good. The developers who worked very hard to reskin the game deserve a lot of money for making FIFA 14 and FIFA 15 happen.”

Moore also said that though FIFA 13 , 14, and next year’s FIFA 15 will be quite similar but difference between them will be found by the FIFA fans only. Very few FIFA lover noticed best modification of GRAPHICS and this will continue in FIFA 15.

Moore also said about graphics that”Once players see the right name on the back of the player’s jersey, they know they are playing a brand new game”. This comment confirms that FIFA 15 will have bambastic features with full of excitements.

So, now its sure shot that FIFA 15 will be a magic box which yet to be opened.

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