FIFA 15 Web App Lauched For Android & iOS

EA Sports has launched The FIFA 15 Ultimate Team web app. This app is available for android as well as for iOS users.Though it has been reported that iOS user can download the app through Canadian App store till now. EA has launched the Web app but it doesn’t expect that such a huge fan will do login, so their comes some technical issue due to which they have to put the server down.
FIFA 15 Web App For Android & iOS

EA says that he is working very hard to make the web app available to all user but demand is much higher that the usual one. Many user complaint that web app was unable to load. Server problem was occurred and EA tweeted that they have delayed the the launch of app and soon they will be back.

EA previously tweeted that app will be launched on Thursday. And it was launched around 8:00 pm without pre-confirming its launch time. On the other day it again tweeted that it will provide update at 6:00pm but when the update came it was only confirmation that people would have to keep waiting. In an update on its Twitter account this afternoon EA said it was still working hard on the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team web app and promised that it would launch this evening:

FIFA 15 tweet

The current status on the FIFA 15 web app is yet to be confirmed as EA has tweeted that web app is still under maintenance so it doesn’t specify the launch date. Till FIFA has launched the new skill moves video.

Download FIFA 15 app for Android and iOS. The size of download is 1.2GB.


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