FIFA 15 Release Date Set In September 2014 Boasting With Graphics And Liveliness


We expect that Fifa15 will release in the third fiscal quarter of 2014, which would be September in EA Sports calender. EA sports also claimed that FIFA 15 will be reskin of FIFA 13 and FIFA 14 but it will have its own wishlist.

FIFA 14 features are fab but have mixed reviews. There is a drop of mini leagues and tournaments but there some very lovely features such as ULTIMATE TEAM which remains unbeaten.

Fifa15Release DateIt is expected that FIFA 15 graphics will be much sharper, smoother, and more detailed, with everything from player likenesses to the texture. Peter Moore EA COO, also said in its speech that with Fifa14 it’s just the beginning of an era which will change the FIFA fans parameters of expectations.

FIFA is considering the demands of FIFA fans. For this FIFA on its forum is demanding the wishlist and innovative ideas of FIFA fans. FIFA15 is expected to have features like mini leagues and pro accomplishments that don’t vanish if the opponent team quits the game.

Building up your Pro is a tedious¬† task, largely because if your opposing team quits your Pro Clubs match then any progress you’ve made towards upgrading him is erased. This makes it difficult to work towards the shooting accomplishments, as scoring multiple goals in a match will often lead to your opponents opting out before the final whistle, rendering your efforts useless.

However, reports claimed that EA Sports is adding more suppliers to increase the availability of FIFA15 due to its strong demand and experts also believe that all research made from FIFA13 and 14 will be implemented in FIFA15.

The FIFA15 release date is still unconfirmed and expected to release in September 2014. There are speculations that the unveiling will happen early next year.

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