FIFA 15 Release Date And Pre-Order Available

We now have both the important details to share with you including FIFA 15 release date and pre-order details. We will share them one by one.

FIFA 15 Release Date And Pre-Order Available

FIFA 15 Release Date:

Many months back we predicted FIFA 15 release date will be September 2014. And our prediction which was based on EA strategy of releasing a new FIFA game every year in September comes out to be true. So the officially announced release date of FIFA 15 starts from 23 September 2014.

The release date of FIFA 15 will vary by a few days depending on the country you live. In North America, it will release on 23 September and in Europe the release date set for 25 September 2014. Other country release date will also be somewhere around End of September / Early October.

FIFA 15 Pre-Order Available:

FIFA 15 ia also available for pre-order at all major retailer including Amazon, Gamespot and Best Buy. The price for Xbox-One, PS4, PS3 and Xbox-360 is same $59.99.

The first thing to notice is that the pre-order for PC version is not available at present. And second thing to notice is that Amazon shows 31 December 2014 as the release date for FIFA 15. We just hope Amazon has added wrong release date and will change to 23 September 2014.

The pre-oder for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Edition is also available price at $69.99 for all platform including Xbox-One, PS4, PS3 and Xbox-360. You can pre-order your FIFA 15 copy here. Simply choose your game and platform before ordering.

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