FIFA 15: Out In North America

Friends the day has finally arrived for which, we all were waiting since last year as FIFA 15 has hit store in North America. FIFA 15 has been released for Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles in North America.

FIFA 15 Out In North Aerica FIFA 15 is equipped with favorite game modes along with many leagues and stadiums which are loved through world wide. FIFA 15 has lot of expectations from the market, as last year, FIFA 14 made a massive hit in terms of fan following as well as in market collection.

This time FIFA 15 has been refined more to represent the world’s favorite football game. FIFA 15 has made all the features more realistic so as to make the player “FEEL THE GAME”. Many features are introduced in the game which will reveal you to point out the minute details such as the grass movements as well as hair and corner flag movements.

The AI for the Goalkeeper is the turning point for the FIFA 15 as it included the drastic changes which will attract players attention. Goalkeeper’s reaction is much better, make smarter decisions in terms of coming off their lines, and tend to avoid the type of frustrating in-game.

EA has packed the FIFA 15 with immense features and gives to the die-heart fans. Now the ball is the fans court and they will judge the EA performance according their own parameters and will give their feedback….

So Friends enjoy the FIFA 15 and share your valuable experience with us after getting your hands dirty with FIFA 15 ….!!!


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