FIFA 15 New Video Released Focus On Intensity And Emotions Features

As promised, EA sports released new FIFA 15 video at 4PM UK which focus on two new feature intensity and emotions. In this video you can see emotions which player demonstrate on the pitch and fans experience in the stands.

FIFA 15 Intensity And Emotions Features

FIFA 15 Intensity And Emotions Features

Every player in FIFA 15 has feelings for other player which can be selected from the given options. This feelings can evolve positively or negatively either time of playing FIFA 15. Now in FIFA 15 you can encourage your team mates. Also if you miss the target then other team player can show dissatisfaction over time. Overall there are now 600 emotional animation which will tell player perceptive.

For the first time in FIFA 15 you will see all player swamped on one other if you score last minute goal. This is a new feature which you will only experience in FIFA 15.

In FIFA 15 crowds will be distinguished by cheers and chants to give real intensity to the game. Also now you have most celebration to choose after you score a goal.

You can watch the amazing FIFA 15 new video below.

In the next video EA Sports will reveal player control and unrivaled intelligence features. You can check out all FIFA 15 features here.

PS: Few lucky FIFA fans in Seatle gets the early chance play FIFA 15. If you are one of them we would love to hear your review about FIFA 15. You can share in the comments below.

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