FIFA 15 New Skill Moves Keys For Xbox One And PS4

FIFA 15 has many new skill moves such as spin the ball, 360 degree pass, scoop pass and lots more. Here we are going to share them with keys for Xbox One and PS4 so you can use them while playing. At the end of this post there is also an official video which shows all moves in action featuring Eden Hazard.
FIFA 15 New Skill Moves

FIFA 15 New Skill Moves:

Here are the 5 new skill moves in FIFA 15.

1. Spin Left Or Right:

In this skill you can spin the ball left or right to change the direction and confuse the defenders.

Spin Left Or Right Keys For Xbox One & PS4

2. 360 Pass:

In this skill player turns around the football and gives 360 degree pass to the player using his backfoot.

360 Pass Keys For Xbox One & PS4

3. Scoop Pass:

Scoop pass is a new skill added to pass the football.

Scoop Pass Keys For Xbox One & PS4

4. Standing Heel Voley:

The player raises one leg high and hits the football towards the goal.

Standing Heel Voley Keys For Xbox One & PS4

5. Falling Heel Voley:

In this players falls while hitting the football towards the goal while taking high jump in the air.

Falling Heel Voley Keys For Xbox One & PS4

You can watch all the above skill moves in action in the below video which features Chelsea star Eden Hazard.

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