FIFA 15 Goalkeepers Rebuilt Explained

Are you wondering how goalkeeper improved in FIFA 15. Then here is a video in which EA explained how they completely rebuilt goalkeepers in FIFA 15.

FIFA 15 Goalkeepers Rebuilt

The goalkeepers in FIFA 15 have become more realistic and truly a next generation. The goalkeepers in FIFA 15 will look, move and  think like real life counterpart. The video also explains the making of goalkeeper. EA has studied top goalkeeper movements to bring all these changes FIFA 15.

The goalkeeper in FIFA 15 will now read and reflect to the reflected shots to change direction in the last second. Many new saving animation has been added to give you the feel of professional goalkeeper in the game.

The goalkeepers can now take the right decision in 18 yards. They can play the ball or hand back and let the ball come to them. Overall, EA has done lots of improvements to add goalkeepers decision making in FIFA 15. As a result of this you will also discover new ways to discover goals in FIFA 15.

You can watch goalkeepers making video below.

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