FIFA 15: Controls For PC Keyboard + Mouse

Friends a lot of FIFA series fans play FIFA on the PC and for their convenience we will provide a little guide for those who just started to play FIFA 15 and are new, to be included in the die hard fan’s list of FIFA 15.

FIFA 15 Control PC

In FIFA 15 you can choose to use keyboard and mouse to play the game. This design allows
for keyboard players to experience features in the game such as skill moves, pointing to open
space for through balls, creating run paths for teammates, and man marking on defense.

Jockey mouse (move cursor close to controlled player)
Sprint mouse (move cursor farther away from controlled player)
Change player left SHIFT
Mark man R + mouse (point cursor at opposing player)
Tackle (push or pull) left-click
Contain right-click
Teammate contain D
Sliding tackle S
Rush GK A (hold)
Tactics up arrow
Mentality left arrow/right arrow
Custom Tactics down arrow
Pause ESC
Help/Control the goalkeeper F
Through ball A
Lob pass/Cross/Header S
Shoot/Volley/Header left-click
Short pass/Header right-click
Player movement mouse
Pace control mouse (move cursor close to your controlled player)
Sprint mouse (move cursor father from your controlled player)
Teammate run R + mouse (point cursor at teammate, hold R, and move cursor on desired run path)
Player run/Modifier left SHIFT
Finesse shot/Modifier D
Tactics up arrow
Mentality left arrow/right arrow
Custom Tactics down arrow
Skill moves scroll wheel
Pause ESC
Help F

So Friends enjoy FIFA 15 and more controls will be updated soon.

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