FIFA 15 Comes With Authentic Player Visuals Feature

FIFA 15 comes with lot of features as next generation console has lot to give. One of the ideal and detailed feature of FIFA 15 is the realism wish makes the FIFA 15 unique from all its FIFA series.

FIFA 15 Comes With Authentic Player Visuals Feature

EA has released a video which shows how EA had improved its FIFA 15 player visuals. In this official video you will see how the next generation players will appear in the game, how they move during the game, new played model and rigging, players detailed facial expressions, players hair movement, players will look lean, powerful and athletic.

As EA Sports has confirmed FIFA 15 release date on September, 23 2014 in North America & September, 25 2014 in Europe. So now get ready to get your hand’s dirty with FIFA 15.

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