FIFA 15: Career Mode & Match Day Live

As now FIFA 15 official release dates are confirmed September 23 in North America, September 25 in Europe, and September 26 in the UK.

FIFA 15 Career mode

Here comes the updates of other features. Firstly talking about most popular feature in FIFA 15 is career mode. Career mode in FIFA 14 was really impressive. Managers were able to refine,build and develop their own network of scouts and distinguish players from all over world.

Global Network Transfer:

Now in FIFA 15, instead of players communicating to their scouts for what type of player they are looking for, FIFA 15 scouts will now automatically recognize squad weaknesses and suggest replacement players based on the team you want to build.

Player Growth:

This time in FIFA 15, EA gives the more realistic system for players potential and growth. In FIFA 15 new player have faster growth rate if they provided with opportunity and even old players also have improved growth rates.

Intuitive Player Search:

EA has provided more advance search for players. If you are searching any new player then automatically you will be provided with players list which are more faster than your searched one, so as to help you to build a better team.

Storyline & Presentation:

As FIFA 15 tag line says “FEEL THE GAME” so EA has put a lot of efforts to build a real storyline and had done a in-depth analysis for each game play.

Match Day Live-

FIFA 15 comes with new in-game hub – Match Day Live. This feature will help all the die hard fans of soccer to connect to their lovable teams even while playing FIFA 15 game and they will never miss out, not even a single match or any new update.


EA confirms that all the updates will be provided by, so as to assure that all the players of FIFA 15 should not miss out any news or rumor.

Hence a big simile to all dear fans as they will be updated at each moment while playing their game in FIFA 15.

Source – EA Sports

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