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  1. I am writing to complain about the FUT system. I bought Fifa 15 on a pre-order and ordered the ultimate edition. Which I receive a free pack each week. The disgrace is that the 2 weeks that I have got a pack I have got a silver player and a fitness coach as my rare items. My friend on the other hand had received a player worth over 100k in both packs, diego costa the first week. This is by no means fair and want you to compensate for this. Although I am receiving free packs, the ultimate edition of the game itself costs more, so they are not exactly free packs!

  2. I lost my 3 last games but didnt play them the game was stucked in 20 th minute i want that last losses removed xbox one player FIFA 15 MayaV023

  3. Sir,

    I have to express my satisfaction and disatisfaction of fifa 15 in ipad. It was a great game and I love the new design but the controller is really pissing me off because it is hard to do skill with it and hard to click on separate button. i hope you can change the controller back like in fifa 14…. please… but keep the ‘pass’ button…

  4. Hello , I have a problem with 3 trophies that does not pop up that is toe poke which I have scored over 100 toe poke and still no trophy! Next is knuckle shot and again iv try every method like toe poke trophy and yet no trophy . And finally the last of all is extra effort well exactlythe same thing iv done it so many times and AGAIN NO TROPHY. Please helpnor advise it would be very great full. Thanks

  5. I’m sick of fifa they always take my coins

  6. Every time I play a game I don’t get any coins, I carnt search for players on transfer list, I win a game and soon as 90 mins are up it will kick me off and count me as a loss , I’m also very annoyed of the servers been down its worse than FIFA 14 !! Do something about it I didn’t book time of work and spend my money and not be able to play the game !!

  7. I tried playing the seasons many times but after I finished my games, I can’t get any coins. It’s getting frustrating as it has been wasting my time and my contracts. I really hope for a reply as really spent much effort and time for playing fifa. I would really to get a reply ASAP as I am going to cash chips .

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