5 More Features Expected in FIFA 15: Whishlist Career Mode

FIFA 15 Career modeAs FIFA Quatar 2022 World Cup has shifted from summer and decided to be held between 15 November 2022 and 15 January 2023. This news has increased our excitement for FIFA , So we are back with our new wishlist in career mode in FIFA15.

FIFA 14 is doing a fab job among the FIFA game lovers and running successfully on various platforms but as we are always looking forward to enhance the football game so we keep on testing and experimenting with FIFA 14 and conclude various improvements which we would like to see in FIFA 15.

So Here We Gooooo….

1. Preseason:

Pre-season is a feature which would allow to choose a pre-season destination tour for your club and glamour of which would scale with your clubs status. Let suppose that if some one started with Chelsea in league 1 then he can have tour offers from Scotland, Ireland and Austria also.

  • 1. Selectable Preseason Tour Destinations using a World Tour style map
  • 2. All friendly matches should allow a minimum of six substitutions to be made
  • 3. Consider adding preseason tournaments

2. Global Scouting Network:

This feature should include that its must un-mask the player OVR for all players that have been fully scouted.Scout in Career Mode has two main functions, finding players and making recommendations to the manager and the latter is sorely missing in FIFA 14.

  • 1. The player OVR should be un-masked for all players once fully scouted
  • 2. Player potential should be shown as a value range once fully scouted
  • 3. Scouts should actively recommend players to managers. 

3. MultiPlayer Career Mode:

EA should must-must provide an online platform where each can be a part of the online multiplayer career mode.

FIFA 15 Wishlist

FIFA 15 Wishlist

4. Return of Mini-League & Tournament

EA Sports detained this mode off from FIFA 14, because many friends enjoy a night in with other gamers where they can create a quick tournament and try to knock each other out of the cup.Mini leagues help us to set up both online and offline competitions with friends. It helps to challenge our friends online and offline.

5. Team Training

The most requested Career Mode feature in the last years is Team Training and even a simple slider based solution would be a good start because what Career Mode really lacks is the ability to build a team culture. You can do it by only purchasing certain types of players, but as a manger my style should be reflected on a multitude of levels and I think team training could help.

As we all have lot of expectations and demands from FIFA 15. So we must wait and watch for fulfillment of our expectations and hope for the best…and stay connected for lot more wishlist and update on FIFA 15.

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