3 New Feature Expected In FIFA15: Wishlist

FIFA 14 is doing a tremendous job in the gaming world. Still there are areas which can be modified for better adventure and thrilling experience.

FIFA 14 focused on realism this year but missed out some features which we are expecting in FIFA 15. So here are 3 things which we want in FIFA 15.

1.Position Changing

The first thing which I want in FIFA 15 is position changing. Firstly what position changing is- “position changing is when a player changes its position”. You might be wondering  why I am saying position changing when we already had this feature in alternate team, but I am talking about position changing in career mode.

Suppose we take an example of Sergio Agüero who is striker, but what if I want him to be a defender or if I want to change his position to the attacker.

So this is one feature which will give players more access than we currently had.

Fifa 15 New features

2.Making Your Own Kit

Making your own kit will be a creative feature to the game. In this feature people will be able to choose their own color and their own sponsors in career mode. This is the feature for which various people are waiting.

3.Return of Mini Leagues and Tournaments

Mini leagues help to set up both online and offline competitions with friends. It helps to challenge our friends online and offline, but for some reason we now only have offline friends and online season matches in which to go one-on-one with our buddies. We were waiting for this feature in FIFA 14 but our expectations were unfulfilled. Hence we are excepting this feature in FIFA 15 with our fingers crossed.

Friends we are continuously doing the analysis in FIFA 15 and trying to find out some serious and funny facts about the game. And we will keep on updating.

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